Looking for participants. Green Tourism monitoring tour (foreigners only).

NIPPON GREEN TOURISM Monitoring Tour2015

Monitoring tour (foreigners only)

Join application being accepted!


This Monitoring tour is a program in which you will visit the rural areas involved in green tourism, experience the actual lifestyles in these areas such as production activities and food culture, and interact with the local people. An Englishspeaking guide will accompany you on the tour and help with the exchange.
To use as reference in welcoming international tourists to each area in the future, all participants are asked to cooperate with questionnaires and discussions during the program.

If you would like to participate, please send an e-mail to the address below for inquiries and applications. Applications will be closed once all places are taken. The program organizer’s office will send detailed information and instructions about the tour to those who have been accepted.

※Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries 2015 Grant for
 Comprehensive Program for Urban-Rural Symbiosis and
 Exchange/Development Plan/Wide Area Network Promotion/International
 Tourist Welcoming System Development Project 

There are 5 tours in this season In five locations in Japan.

We recommendation to following tour,which is held near Tokyo.

[Kamiechigo area(Joetsu city), Nigata Prefecture] Join application being accepted!
” Autumn appetite ” ” Life of rice culture and ‘Ke’ ” ” Tour of water”

[Date] November 3-4(Tues-Wed) 2015, 2 days (1 night)
[Accepted applicants] 10
[Meet] 3 November (Tues.) at 10:30 in Joetsu City.
[Ends] 4 November (Wed.) at 16:00 in Joetsu City.
[Program overview] Experience “Satoyama and Satoumi” (undeveloped woodland and sea village near populated area) interacting with local people. This is a journey to encounter Japanese good old scenery.

You can join this tour free of charge and if you have Japan Rail Pass,you can go to Joetsu City free of charge.

And you can get on Japanese newest Shinkansen,(Hokuriku Shinkansen),you can get there only 2 hours from Tokyo.

Please enjoy real countryside life in Japan!!

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